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We take portraits, landscapes, food, northern lights, high quality wedding photos with professional equipment!


We use professional drones for

taking photos/movies from the air.


We create content for social media and web pages in addition to advertising / promo films ...

With the help of professional equipment in different weight classes,
we provide drone photos and drone video from the air, this gets a new dimension. From our base at Leknes in Lofoten, we carry out everything from small assignments, to larger assignments throughout Lofoten and Northern Norway where experience and quality counts!


We have among other things delivered drone clips to:

TV2, French TV, Canadian TV, Audi advertising (see movie below),
BMW advertising, ITV Studios (Ice Road Rescue) Aspekt Produktion AB (S.A.T.S advertising) Metronome (Danish TV), Lofoten Matpark, Vestvågøy Kommune, Hattvika Lodge, Solsiden brygge, Eliassen Rorbuer, Benzin, Lofoten Seafood m.m



Lofoten Film is an approved RO2 (NO.RPAS.2042) operator and is concerned about the flight taking place safely and in accordance with the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority's current laws and regulations.

We have all the necessary approvals and insurances to carry out a safe and legal assignment.

We can fly drones up to 25KG and up to 80Knops speed.

We were so lucky to be chosen

to film the drone clips to this

great Audi advertisement!

Lofoten Film creates content for social media and WEB pages in addition to advertising / promotion films,

documentaries, concerts, weddings, sports events etc.

We use the latest in Sony camera and lenses that deliver crisp HD / 4K images with a beautiful bokeh.

We use gyro on the equipment that makes the images free of shaking and being super smooth.


Our lenses start at 14mm wide angle and go up to 400mm telephoto zoom. F1.8 - F22. We also use the latest in GoPro for built-in action filming stabilizers and which create film in super slow motion.


We can deliver movies from planning to finished product and do not give us

before the customer is satisfied. See some examples of movies here ...




01/19 - 01/23

Pris for leie av drone med operatør 

pr. time


Nok 650,-


01/19 - 01/23

Pris for leie av drone med operatør

pr.dag (8 timer)


Nok 6.500,-


01/19 - 01/23

Vi redigerer film og bilder!

Pris pr.time


Nok 500,-


We use the latest in Sony technology which is reflected in scarves in 42mpx

and a lovely book where it is desirable.

The high resolution makes the pictures excellentfor use on rollups, posters, wallpapers, etc.
We take pictures for every occasion be contentsocial media, web pages, weddings, food, family, sports, nature, northern lights, profile photos etc.


Our sony lenses start at 14mm wide angle and go up to 400mm telephoto zoom. F1.8 - F22.


Lofoten Film sells stock shots (pictures and films) from all over Lofoten.
We have pictures and movies from autumn, winter, spring and summer.


All pictures and movies are sold in high resolution!

Examples of this are fishing, boats, fish farming, nature, food, northern lights, places, etc ...